Superlative Contact Lens Alternatives

Today, over 40 % of the global population suffers from myopia or near-sightedness. Many people suffer from consistent decreases in vision quality, demanding a frequent change of glasses. Medically, there have been a variety of innovative technologies and procedures that help in attaining visual clarity and freedom from cumbersome glasses. People opt for contact lenses, LASIK procedures, and so on, but these have their own limitations. LASIK cannot be performed for high prescriptions, generally vision greater than -10 Dioptres. Visian ICL surgery proves to be a perfect solution for candidates in this group that are considering vision correction surgery.


What is Visian ICL Surgery?

Implantable Collamer lens (ICL) is the latest addition to the arsenal of vision corrective options. The lens is implanted in the space behind the iris, the central colored part of the eye. These lenses are manufactured in Switzerland by STAAR. ICL, also known as a phakic intraocular lens (IOL), is a unique alternative to correct refractive error providing permanent vision correction. These contact lenses are not visible as they are placed within the eye. This phakic lens corrects various vision problems like severe nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism permanently.


How is ICL Surgery Done?

Before placing the actual ICL lens, a procedure called laser iridotomy is performed. A couple of micro-holes are made on the surface of the iris a week before surgery. This is to ensure that the natural circulation of eye fluid (aqueous humor) is maintained, thus avoiding a situation of high pressure in the eye causing glaucoma. The eye doctor prescribes some eye drops like antibiotics or anti-inflammatory agents. After a week, the lens is inserted via a minor surgical procedure.

The ICL lens is made of a technologically advanced material which is acceptable to the body’s immune system and is meant to be retained for longer durations safely. This lens slowly uncoils itself and places itself behind the iris, restoring crystal clear vision. The procedure takes merely about 15 minutes for each eye. The doctor might inject some sedatives so that you don’t feel anything during the procedure. Post-surgery, once more, a series of eye drops are prescribed to take care of infection, inflammation, and pain for a couple of days.


Who is Suitable to Undergo ICL?

  • Any individual above 18 years of age suffering from long-term nearsightedness or astigmatism.
  • People who cannot undergo Laser surgery due to high refractive errors, namely above -10D.
  • People should have enough endothelial cell (a type of cells) density and adequate anterior chamber depth to perform the procedure.


Why ICL?

ICL has been an optimal contact lens alternative since 1997 in Europe and has been performed in practices since then. Patients today are increasingly opting for Visian ICL surgery as it has many advantages over LASIK. Unlike LASIK, ICL keeps the cornea intact. Here, there is an addition of a lens which is made of collagen that naturally exists in the body; hence it doesn’t feel heavy or acts as a foreign object. Also unlike LASIK, it is not a permanent procedure as the lens can be removed if necessary. Thus, ICL proves to be a more comfortable and accessible alternative to LASIK. So far, over 2 million Visian ICL surgeries have been done worldwide.


The Difference with ICL

  • Provides correction for higher degrees of refractive errors.  
  • Individuals with thin cornea too can go for ICL.
  • No maintenance needed, unlike a contact lens or glasses.
  • Reversible procedure- in case of vision changes after ICL, the doctor can remove the lens. Hence, it’s permanent yet reversible.

Extensive research and developments over past 2 decades have been done on ICL. Visian ICL surgery is a painless and quick procedure assuring perfect vision especially for individuals with moderate to severe degree of refraction and refractive error. If a patient has dry eyes, thin corneas, or even a failed LASIK treatment, ICL proves to be the go-to alternative.

As you grow older, aging results in cataract formation. In such cases, ICL provides the best solution as the clouded lens can be removed as the structure of the eye is not altered and one can go ahead with the surgery. Visian ICL surgery gives an excellent vision transformation.

So are you ready to gift yourself the best natural vision? Then go for ICL.