LASIKA blade-free and painless approach
to stunningly clear vision.

What is LASIK?

LASIK (Laser Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis) is a pain-free, surgical procedure that uses laser technology to correct refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Refractive errors prevent the eye from focusing light properly and prevents you from seeing clearly.

During surgery, our ophthalmologists use a femtosecond laser to create the corneal flap that will allow access to alter the shape of the cornea. All-laser technology with the femtosecond laser is far more precise than using a mechanical blade, and is highly customizable to each eye of every unique patient.

Is LASIK surgery right for me?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for LASIK. Schedule a consultation
  • Are you having trouble with distance vision?
  • Are you having difficulty reading or seeing well at night?
  • Do you have depth perception issues?
  • Are you nearsighted, farsighted, or do you have an astigmatism?

The safety and benefits of LASIK surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LASIK safe?
Yes. In fact, LASIK surgery is usually safer than wearing contact lenses.
Do I have to be a certain age to have LASIK surgery?
Ideal LASIK candidates fall between the ages of 21 to 38. However, there are a variety of factors considered prior to the recommendation for LASIK surgery.

If you’re experiencing symptoms similar to that which is described above, please come in for a visit.
Can I have LASIK surgery performed if I recently changed my glasses prescription?
Typically, candidates for any refractive procedures must show little to no change in refraction (prescription) for at least 1 year. However, patients are still encouraged to come in for a visit so that our doctors gain a better understanding of your vision capabilities.
Is surgery painful?
Numbing drops are administered before surgery, so most of our patients report that this procedure is pain-free. However, mild discomfort is also possible with all corrective procedures.
How long will my results last?
Research has shown that LASIK is a permanent procedure. In some instances, however, patients will need to have an enhancement—this is where the surgeon has to repeat the procedure to obtain satisfactory results. Due to the expertise and careful planning of our surgeons and staff, we have an extremely low enhancement rate.
How long before I can return to work/school/other activities?
Most patients resume normal activities within a day of having LASIK surgery. We do recommend not working the day after your surgery, however, many of our patients do successfully return to work the day after their procedure. PRK, usually performed when the cornea is too thin for LASIK, heals a little slower than LASIK, and may require a few days off from work following your surgery. We typically recommend refraining from strenuous exercise and outdoor sports for 7 days following your surgery. No swimming for two weeks. Specific concerns will be discussed by your doctor.
Do you offer financing options?
YES. Learn more about your options on our Is Vision Correction Affordable? page.

What's It Like To Have LASIK


Schedule A Consultation

At a time that’s convenient for you, a Inland eye doctor will meet with you to discuss the changes in your vision and help you understand available options. The consultation and diagnostic testing do not obligate you to any future service, they simply help us determine if you are a candidate for LASIK. You will have an opportunity to schedule your procedure at this appointment.


Arrive At The Inland Office For LASIK

After being greeted by the staff, you are met by the ophthalmologist who will be performing your LASIK procedure. After a final diagnostic exam, the lasers are set with your exact prescription. You enter the laser suite for the procedure, which lasts about 15-20 min.


Travel Home For Recovery

After surgery, you must have a friend or family member provide your transportation home. You will experience improved vision right away, but we recommend not reading, driving, or using a computer for the rest of the day. After a good night’s sleep, you can return to work the next day.


Come Back The Next Day For A Post-Op Checkup

It is important that you meet with an Inland eye doctor the day after your LASIK procedure. We will confirm that your eyes are healthy and clear you for normal activity.