5 LASIK Myths You’ve Probably Heard

LASIK surgery, although it is so common, is still often misunderstood. While LASIK (as with any surgery) comes with its risks, it is safe to say that LASIK is one of the most successful eye surgeries worldwide. Millions of people have successfully undergone LASIK surgery with no adverse effects. So why have you heard so many bad things about it? Here we will debunk a few common LASIK myths.

MYTH: LASIK is painful.

LASIK surgery itself is not painful. Before the surgery, our doctors administer numbing eye drops so you will not feel the laser. You will feel pressure on the eye, which some patients may find mildly uncomfortable. To further relax you during the procedure, our doctors will give you a mild sedative. Our doctors here at Inland Eye will do everything in their power to make you comfortable during the LASIK procedure. The procedure is over in around 20 minutes.
After LASIK surgery, you will be given medication and eye drops to alleviate any side effects. Common side effects directly after LASIK surgery include dry, itchy eyes, redness, and the feeling of something being in the eye. These are normal! Side effects will subside within a few days.

MYTH: Everyone is a candidate for LASIK.

LASIK surgery is not for everyone. There are many risk factors one can have, and reputable doctors will not perform LASIK on someone with the risk factors. Guidelines have been put in place to prevent serious complications and side effects, which is why some people do not qualify for LASIK. Risk factors include young age, pregnancy, previous eye injury, severe refractive error, previous corneal disease, and dry eye syndrome. If you are told you are not a candidate for LASIK, it is best to explore other vision correction options.

MYTH: LASIK causes blindness.

There are zero confirmed cases of blindness due to LASIK surgery. Because doctors are selective when it comes to performing LASIK surgery, LASIK complications are very rare.

MYTH: It doesn’t matter who performs the surgery, all outcomes are the same.

While technology has improved and reduced the possibility of human error during LASIK surgery, it still very much matters that you choose a skilled and experienced LASIK surgeon. Not all LASIK surgeons are equal – this is where it pays to do your homework. Researching LASIK surgeons in your area, reading reviews, and talking to those you know who have had LASIK are important tools to make an informed decision.

MYTH: All LASIK is the same, so go to the cheapest doctor.

“You get what you pay for” applies to LASIK surgery too. While some people are able to find great “deals” on LASIK surgery, more often than not the “low prices” are a bait and switch technique. It is best to go to a doctor that values their work, and has prices that reflect that. An experienced doctor will charge more, because they have the skill and high success rates to back it up. Less experienced and skilled doctors will generally charge less.

Now that we’ve busted a few popular LASIK myths, are you ready for your LASIK consultation? Call Inland Eye in Temecula, CA today to make your appointment with one of our highly skilled doctors.