5 Unexpected Benefits Of LASIK

LASIK inspires equal parts excitement and fear in most people. They understand the benefits of LASIK and know it will improve their lifestyle but the idea of someone performing surgery on their eyes elicits a lot of fear.


What many people overlook are the more subtle benefits of LASIK eye surgery. These lesser known benefits are what make LASIK life-changing for so many people. Listed below are five unexpected benefits of LASIK:


LASIK saves you money in the long run
Most people focus solely on the costs associated with LASIK, which average about $1,000-$4,000 per eye. What many people fail to consider is how much money LASIK can actually save you in the long run. This one time cost (which can easily be prepared for with good planning or financing) can save you thousands of dollars on contacts, glasses, and eye drops down the road.


LASIK improves your confidence
Many people find confidence that they never knew was possible. Ditching their glasses made them feel younger and more attractive and the crow’s feet around their eyes even lessened once they no longer had to squint to read things.


LASIK can reduce your allergy symptoms
Many patients report that their allergy symptoms improved after they got LASIK. They had fewer headaches and sinus issues. Former contact lens wearers saw less eye irritation and red, watery eyes.


LASIK can improve your nighttime vision
Many patients find that their nighttime vision improves after they have LASIK. This may be because they no longer have to deal with lights reflecting off of their lenses or deal with dry contacts at the end of the day.


LASIK gives you more freedom
Have you ever left to go on a trip only to be greeted with a sense of dread because you realized you forgot your contacts or glasses at home? Or have you ever gone to a concert to have a good time only to accidentally have one of your contacts fall out? Most of us have been there at some point. Most of our patients find that the freedom they experience from no longer having to deal with glasses or contacts is the very best part about LASIK.


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