Due to distancing requirements because of the pandemic, patients seeking optical adjustments, fitting, repairs, and pick-ups are required to schedule appointments.

At Inland Eye Specialists, we’re all about style with affordability. That means helping you find frames that look good and feel good at prices that won’t break the bank.

Our technicians assist you in navigating through our expansive collection of over a thousand frames. All to ensure that you find the frames and lenses that match your “look” and guarantee increased vision clarity.

See below for more information about our offerings.

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One Year Replacement Guarantee

Quality. That's what you deserve and what we provide. This is why we offer you an unrivaled one year warranty:

  • FREE one year replacement warranty for frames against defective breakage.*
  • FREE one year replacement warranty on scratch resistant lenses against defective scratches.*
  • *All warranty guarantees are based on one year from the original date of purchase.

60 Day Prescription Guarantee

If you are having difficulty adapting to your new prescription, just let us know of your challenges within 2 months of ordering your glasses, and we will have your prescription rechecked by your doctor and remake the lenses at no charge to you.

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Contact Lenses

At Inland Eye Specialists, we pride ourselves on providing the best contact lens fitting and care available. Whether you are a new or long term contact lens wearer, we offer the latest and greatest in contact lens brands and technologies.

We are committed to provide all of our patients with a thorough education in regard to any eye condition and all of the current treatments available.

Infant and Pediatric Contact Lenses

In some rare cases, it is necessary to fit infants and very young children in contact lenses in order to ensure that their visual development will be successful. Some situations such as amblyopia (lazy eye), high prescriptions, children that are unable to wear glasses and infants born with cataracts can be improved significantly with the use of contact lenses. Our contact lens specialist has worked with numerous children and their parents in order to provide the best care possible. This is a rare service and we are excited to provide it at the Inland Eye Specialists.

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New to Contacts?