Every service and procedure offered at Inland Eye Specialists allows you to experience the freedom that comes from clear vision. Our proficiency in the latest ocular technology matched with over 35 years of experience equips us to properly assess, diagnose, and treat your eyes.

Our medically-trained staff includes board-certified surgeons, optometrists, and licensed optical specialists. These experienced practitioners utilize a wide variety of the safest, most advanced techniques to protect, restore, and enhance your vision.

At Inland Eye Specialists, we are professionals committed to providing you with the following:

  • The most comprehensive eye care available in a respectful and compassionate atmosphere.
  • A thorough education of your vision and eye health needs from knowledgeable and well-trained eye care experts.
  • Leading-edge technology and products in order to maximize your quality of life.

As a result of our united efforts, we provide you with the highest level of service and value to ensure that our relationship with you, your family, and your friends lasts for many years to come. Visit any of our six office locations for the care that you (and your eyes) deserve.