Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery

What is Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery?

The Reconstructive Facial Plastic specialty involves the cosmetic, corrective, and reconstructive surgery of the eyelid and face. The field is primarily related to the tissues and structures surrounding the eye – the eyelids, the tear ducts, and the orbit.

Reconstructive Facial Plastic procedures include:

Ptosis Surgery
Eyelid ptosis is a problem with an upper eyelid which is drooping below its normal position. It is not the skin, but the edge of the lid itself that droops. Ptosis can affect one or both eyes. Ptosis can block our vision, and is can be a medical issue if the edge of the eyelid is covering any part of the pupil (the black circle at the center of the eye). Dermatochalasis, or excess skin of the upper eyelid, may also contribute to blockage of the superior visual field, and can be treated at the same time if needed or desired.

Ptosis surgery can be done different ways and the desired approach is based on the severity of the droopiness and function of the muscles which elevate the eyelid. It is an outpatient procedure with a relatively short recovery time. Dr. Joseph will determine the right surgery for you based on your problem and goals.
Skin Cancer
Skin cancer is a very common, potentially dangerous problem here in Southern California. Most types of skin cancer are thought to be caused by excessive sun exposure, and the area around our eyes is potentially vulnerable. Although there are many types of skin cancer which can affect the region around the eyes, the three most common are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

If you or your doctor suspect you have cancer on or around the eyelid, a consultation with Dr. Joseph is the place to start. Dr. Joseph will help determine if the growth is potentially dangerous and may perform a biopsy to know for sure. If you do have a skin cancer, Dr. Joseph works closely with specialized dermatologists who perform cancer removal using a technique called Mohs surgery.
Evaluation and treatment of trauma of the eyelids and eye socket (orbit) require extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience. Our ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Joseph, is an expert in eyelid and orbital trauma. Dr. Joseph teaches at both UC Irvine Medical Center and the Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

As trained ophthalmologists and microsurgeon, ocular facial plastic surgeons possess the skills and knowledge to maximize your cosmetic result while restoring the structure and function of the eyelids and orbit necessary to protect your eyes and vision.
Revision Surgery
Revisional eyelid surgery is a typically a solution for those who have had previous complications with plastic surgery and now require cosmetic and functional correction around the eyelids.

Depending on the damage, the necessary correction may involve a simple procedure or a complex eyelid reconstruction. An ophthalmologist can work with you to determine treatment best-equipped to help you regain normal function while also maintaining aesthetic outcome.
Epiphora involves the excessive tearing of the eyes, not related to normal crying or sobbing. Epiphora can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common causes being blepharitis, dry eyes, eyelid malposition, or nasolacrimal and duct obstruction.

A patient suffering the effects of epiphora are encouraged to schedule a consultation. Our comprehensive evaluation will help to determine correct cause and treatment plan.