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"Dr. Tew and Dr. Carlson, we want to thank you for all our excellent care we have had. Thank you so much, we really appreciate your service and dedication to the eye profession"

Abe and Paulene Vander Burgh

"I had an excellent experience from beginning to end. The initial consultation started with Dr. Johnson explaining what was to be expected during the entire process. His clear and detailed explanation made it easy to understand. The actual LASIK surgery itself was a breeze. During the entire process, Dr. Johnson and his team were very good with explaining what was going on at that moment, which really put me at ease. Many thanks to Dr. Johnson and Jennifer Molina and the entire team for making this an excellent experience and helping me restore my vision! Thank you!"

Quyen Le

"I'm very happy! Everyone was pleasant and competent, which instills confidence in the patient. The [LASIK] results are fantastic!"

Richard Mack

"I decided to have LASIK after wearing contacts and glasses for 15 years. I would always have issues with my contacts getting dried out or blurry. I have been going to Inland Eye Specialists since I moved to Southwest Riverside County Valley and have been so pleased with their services and their entire staff. I was very nervous when doing my initial LASIK consultation but both Dr. Johnson and Jennifer Molina explained everything and really made me feel at ease. The day after surgery, I woke up and was able to see! It felt so amazing and the procedure was so quick and painless, all my nerves were for nothing! I am so pleased with my experience from pre op to post op I would recommend Dr. Johnson and Inland Eye Specialists to anyone and everyone!

Lorraine Galvez

"I have been fortunate to have Dr. Geller as my optometrist for the last 10 years. Throughout the years he had been educating me on the Lasik procedure and encouraging me to look at it as an option for my vision loss. I had no problems with my monovision contacts and wearing the beautiful glasses I would purchase from his office. I finally decided to have Lasik and on September 27, 2012, I underwent the procedure. From my first contact with Dr. Phillips I could see and sense that he was very professional, knowledgeable and had a very positive caring demeanor. I wasn't scared because I trust Dr. Geller and he was the one that recommended Dr. Phillips. The procedure went without a hitch and I felt that I should have had the procedure sooner. Dr. Phillips and Dr. Geller have taken care of me well and I thank them both."

Norma Gonzales RN/BSN
Director, Neurological Care Unit
Community Hospital of San Bernardino

"I want to thank everyone at Inland Eye Specialists for making my eye surgery a success. All of your employees were kind and efficient and best of all i can finally see. It has really made a difference in the quality of my life and for that i am grateful. I am usually very nervous about procedures and your staff made me comfortable and really seemed to care. I will recommend you to my friends and look forward to staying in touch in the future. The multi vision lens are fantastic and do exactly what we hoped they would do."

Dan Atwood
Owner, Toyota of Southwest Riverside County

"Dr. Phillips,
Thank you very much for examining my eyes at no cost to me. I am very grateful. And thank you for being a a participating doctor with Eye Care America. God bless you, your practice and your staff"

Constance Jiroh

My Experience with Intraocular Eye Lens Replacement Surgery

"I've been a patient of Dr. Robert Sorenson for over ten years. After many years of dealing with high eye pressures, as well as cataract & astigmatism issues, in late July 2013 my right eye finally developed a serious problem.

I am a retired career broadcaster, so I am very visually oriented. I couldn't imagine not being able to see clearly from one or both eyes. When my right eye became seriously blurred, it was obvious to Dr. Sorenson that it was time for eye surgery. He conducted thorough exams of both eyes to determine exactly what was needed to restore my vision to an optimum condition.

Replacement of my natural, flawed eye lens and insertion of intraocular lenses became necessary in addition to surgery for cataracts and astigmatism. Inland Eye Specialists gave me vast amounts of information so I could make the right choice of IOL (intraocular lens) that would benefit me the most. You get nervous to learn that your natural eye lens will be removed and replaced by a new scientific product. After all it is a surgery. At this point, Dr. Sorenson, his assistants, and the ladies in the surgery center combine to give you advice, brochures, and tell you what you are medically qualified for and how each of the options affect you. You have to consider what your insurance provider will cover. I learned that Medicare would only cover the basic monofocal IOL's. This means if you wore glasses before the surgery then you'd probably need glasses after the surgery. Another option concerned astigmatism, while the third option was the multiple focal lenses inserts. With multifocal lenses you have a chance of being able to replace your original lens and not have to wear glasses to correct the vision. Medicare pays for the surgery portion but because it's your option, you pay for the lens cost for the new technology. I chose this option, not for vanity, but for the ease of not having progressive glasses to read both near and far. For optimum improvement you must do both eyes. I can personally attest that in the week between surgeries on each eye and the weeks following the changing of both IOL's, your eyes adjust better and faster to their new home. I had no pain during the surgery and none afterwards. I've waited four months to write this letter so I could know for sure whether it really worked and to see if any side effects or negative reactions would occur. I can simply & happily tell you - it worked perfectly. I don't need glasses to read or to see far. I am completely happy with the whole experience. "

Donald M. Conniff

"I am writing this letter to express my sincere appreciation for the cataract surgery you performed on my eyes. In April of 2012, my optometrist recommended that I make an appointment with you for the surgery. It is now about a year later and I know that the choice of a Multifocal Lens (IOL) was a wise decision. It allows me to enjoy my favorite activities, reading in particular. Best of all, I passed the DMV required vision test with flying colors! Previously I had a restriction: must wear glasses. That restriction was removed and after forty years I don't have to wear glasses to drive. My sincere thanks to you Dr. Phillips."

Dagmar King

"Dear Dr. Phillips,
My vision at football games, driving on the freeway, and riding on my road bike is incredible. I did not expect that with the removal of the cataract and the insertion of the new lenses, that the colors would pop, my car instrumentation world become so sharp, or that I would be able to read the tiniest print on my Garmin bike computer, I am happy to say all three of these experiences are part of the unanticipated. Thanks for your skilled evaluation and surgery, and for your terrific staff"

Jon. H Lieberg

"We want to share a wonderful experience we had with Dr. Lisa Garbutt of Inland Eye Specialists. We knew that it was time to have cataract surgery, which she confirmed. Within weeks the procedures were done, and perfect vision was restored. Dr. Garbutt was amazing. From the second we met, she was kind, supportive and professional. Her warmth and genuine loving care were there throughout the exams, the consultation and the surgery. Her assistants, staff, and everyone in the office were exceptional as well. We feel so blessed to have Dr. Garbutt here in Fallbrook."

Tom and Pat Campbell

Marv Parish

"We are so pleased with the results of my dad's eye surgery performed by Dr. Phillips on July 1st. Dad is able to read the newspaper without assistance for the first time in 50 years. The staff was friendly and very professional. A photo of Dad with the sunflowers he has grown this year, taken on July 4th. (He removed the sunglasses for the photo). Thank you again and Dad can't wait to get the left eye done in August.

Marv Parish

"A couple of months ago, Dr. Phillips took the time to open the Southwest Riverside County location late at night to tend to sutures in my eye. I just want to let him know how much I appreciate his kindness and professionalism"


"Dear Dr. McCleary,

I want to inform you the Varilux progressive lenses that you prescribed me are working out extremely well. To refresh your memory, I had the regular progressive lenses, which didn't work out, and then I upgraded to another lens which didn't work out either. When you re-examined my eyes and prescribed the Varilux lense, they are great. I wasn't expecting them to work well while on the computer, but to my amazement, they're great.

I want to thank you so much for the fantastic service that you provide and backing up the product to my satisfaction. Thanks again."

Harold Monroe

"What a rewarding experience for me. The pleasure of driving once again without glasses, being able to watch television and read the sport captions clearly. Yeah!! The care and consideration I received while at the facility was fantastic. I would recommend all who desire a better vision and comfort in their quality of life to explore the avenues that Dr. Phillips and his entire staff offer."


"I liked the staff, they were very knowledgeable. I was taken care of in a timely manner during my surgery. My questions were answered, and I was given my answers pertinent prior to surgery. I like the checklist given, and how everyone gave me step by step of what I had to do. Lastly, I was very impressed with Dr. Tew, he is into modern technology and I appreciate that. Overall, I am just as happy as can be!"


"Dr. Johnson is a wonderful doctor. He makes you feel special and that he really cares. His surgery was excellent - my healing is going well and I can see beautifully. I would recommend him without reservations"


"After three different eye surgeons in Southwest Riverside County and Murrieta, I finally came to this facility through Tri Care Prime, military dependent. After one visit with Dr. Tew, he found what was wrong with me after 8 years. I am very pleased with the service and profession of Dr. Tew, Dr. Korn and staff aboard. I would highly recommend Inland Eye Specialists to all my neighbors, friends and co-workers. I was treated like royalty!"


"Thank you so much for having Dr. Phillips on your staff. He performed eyelid surgery on my right eye on May 22. The nurses were great and so was Dr. Phillips. The report came back that the cancer had been removed. The doctor took the stitches out today and the eye looked great.

I will recommend Inland Eye Specialists to everyone I know. I was treated with the best of care.



"Dear Doctors & Staff,

We were amazed at the kindness, efficiency, & professionalism shown to John during his recent eyelid operation.

Thank you so much for his very special care!!


Ruthie & John

"Thanks for the best pair of glasses I've ever owned. It's nearly a year later & I'm still impressed. Spending all day in front of a computer screen is a pleasure especially with the anti-reflective coating on the lenses. Dr Cury spent extra time getting the prescription just right - a welcome change that didn't go unnoticed. I appreciate the professional and caring service."


"My experience with this medical facility leaves me with a feeling of confidence. The doctors & staff and professional, competent, & courteous.

As for Dr. Korn - I can only say that I wish I could have met him 19 years ago. My left eye had been tearing for that length of time. It's now 100% better. Thanks!



"To all the ladies in Southwest Riverside County...

Thank you all for making visits to the eye doctor so EASY and STRESSLESS. You guys are the best. I hope you all have a great day!



"I want to express my appreciation to all of you for being so pleasant and easing my nervousness at the time of my surgeries. I've never seen an office where everyone is so efficient and courteous and you can't imagine how much better a patient feels when they are treated this way.

Thanks again so much.



"Dear Dr. Phillips,

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am of the two cataract operations you performed. When you first tested my eyes I could only read the top line on the eye chart, now I can read the 7th line with ease.

Thank you for leading me through these two cataract operations with your calm and informative ways. You calmed my fears, I really appreciate it.



"Dear Dr. Phillips,

It's been six months now since you did the LASIK surgery on my eyes. I'm not going to get all emotional like it was a religious experience, but MAN CAN I SEE.

Thanks & Thanks!"


"Dear Dr. Phillips:

Thank you so much for the excellent surgery you performed on my eye. I can now read the fine print in the newspaper without wearing glasses, which I couldn't do before.

You're a wonderful doctor!

The very best to you always,"


"An open letter to Inland Eye Specialists, Dr. Sorenson, his staff, and to all concerned:

I'm just an average older lady that was made to feel special. I have been a patient in the past for an eye exam and glasses, I was treated with respect and given good care. August 23, 2010 was my first meeting with you, Dr. Sorenson and your current staff. Everyone that I have come in contact with has been exemplary in their assigned responsibilities.

Australia at the front desk, Mary doing the scheduling, Mellisa answering the phones, Melisa, Lisha, Lori (under pressure due to perhaps a long appointment) Marion doing my early after surgery care, Kellie making my appointments and finally Kia working out a problem, by telephone, with my pharmacy. Surgery staff at the "old" location should not be forgotten. They are also excellent at their jobs. They work as a true team. They do a superb job from beginning to end. Checking with patients by telephone to make clear all instructions and answer all questions.

Dr. Sorenson, it goes without sayng you are an excellent doctor plus a good and kind man. You are an outstanding team leader. Your offices give me a professional yet friendly impression to all who enter. Everyone appears to be clean, neat, and well organized.

I am sincerely thankful to all...You all give that little "bit" of extra personal care.

With much thanks and gratitude,"

Nora Ann Glennon

"Dear Dr. Phillips,

I would like to thank you for restoring my eyesight which is now better than I can remember. I would also like to thank all of your staff whom I came in contact with, they were most kind and gentle with me. I am indeed in your debt.

Very truly yours,"


"For several weeks, I noticed that my glasses were dirty in my right lens. After I realized that I had been cleaning my glasses and that they were the cleanest glasses in the known universe, I thought 'I have a CATARACT!'

I went to my local Dr. who thought I did have a cataract and requested an eye exam with Inland Eye Specialists. The Dr. said I did indeed have a cataract. There followed an exam by the surgeon, Dr. Phillips. He described the procedure of lens replacement, I was a bit anxious. He made me feel like it was a simple and not unusual procedure. Then I went to the insurance and surgery organizer who also made me feel at ease about the whole thing. I chose which level of lens replacement I wanted, made an appointment for Monday of the next week for my right eye. I just got the prescribed eye drops and tried to not think about it at all!

The procedure went extremely smoothly, it was a totally organized process. Dr. Phillips is a great surgeon and is also great at putting the patient at ease. I saw several people, who did tests and got me ready for the surgery. Everyone was very professional as well as caring on a human level. I have always been made to feel like a 'person' at Inland Eye Specialists, as opposed to 'Patient #2-O31A' or whatever. I was very comfortable in the wheelchair and warm blanket I was given. When the anesthesia was given I simply faded out and next thing I knew, I was in a different room, in the same chair. It was done! I seriously don't remember anything about the surgery.

I was given very clear instructions and an excellent check list for the eye drops. My wife drove me home, I slept most of the way. After a while, I awoke and could see perfectly with my right eye. Amazing! The next day I went in again to see how the eye was doing, all was well. I made an appointment for my left eye, 2 weeks down the line. As my right eye healed, I could really 'see' a difference in my eyes, the right was clear, colors were vibrant, and white was very bright. By contrast, with my left eye, white was almost yellow.

I now have had the procedure on both eyes, for the first time in 55 years (!) I can see incredibly clearly without glasses. I would recommend this procedure at Inland Eye Specialists to anyone with cataracts.

Thanks Inland Eye Specialists!"


"Dear Dr. McCleary,

Your kindness meant more than you'd ever guess, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and patience! Larry loves his new glasses and are so much better than his last pair.

Thanks again,"

Janet and Larry

"Inland Eye Specialists has been my provider for quite a number of years. Dr. McDiarmid has been tracking the progress of cataracts on both my eyes for quite a while. At my annual checkup in February I told Dr. McDiarmid that my eye sight, especially in my right eye, seems to have deteriorated quite markedly. I am 78 years old. After examining both eyes, he agreed and told me it was time to have cataract surgery in both eyes. We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Johnson later that same week.

On the appointed day, I was examined by Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson is one of their younger surgeons and just a bundle of energy as well as very personable. In addition to the cataracts, he told me that I had a severe astigmatism in my right eye. He then explained to me how the surgery would be done. He also explained that we had to choose the type of lens that would be installed. He patiently explained to me the various types of lenses that were available. Because I do a lot of reading, I choose to have a lens installed that would allow me to read without glasses. It must be noted that I have worn glasses since I was in lower grade school.

I was then escorted to the surgery schedulers’ office where we scheduled the first surgery. The process was thoroughly explained to me. All necessary paper work and tests were verified. I was then given a small leather container. In that container was a pair of dark glasses to be used after the surgery, an eye patch to be worn over the surgically repaired eye for a couple of nights, tape to fasten the patch to the eye, several documents that contained not only very well written directions and prescriptions for the drops that would be used before and after the surgery. I was told to bring the leather container with me on the day of my surgery. The whole process took less than fifteen minutes.

On the scheduled day, I was met by a member of the scheduler's staff and accompanied to an office where we verified and completed required paper work and took care of any financial matters that needed to be attended to. I was then taken to the surgery area of the office where I was met by a nurse, given a surgical gown and plastic bag, directed to the rest room where I was instructed to remove my shirt and put on the surgical gown as well as place all my belongings in the plastic bag. We then sat at a desk where the nurse started putting drops in my eyes. We also filled out all necessary permission forms required for the surgery. A detailed list of my belongings placed in the plastic bag was made. The nurse continued to put drops in my eyes. I was then taken to the pre-op area right outside of the operating room.

Periodically, the nurse continued to put drops in my eyes. A catheter was placed on my left wrist as the surgery was going to be performed on my right eye. The anesthesiologist came by and explained the anesthesia that he was going to use for the surgery. Dr. Johnson came by and we chatted briefly about the surgery that he was going to perform. Shortly thereafter I was led into the operating room and asked to sit on the operating "table" that looked more like a recliner that could be laid flat. Dr. Johnson came in, the anesthesia was applied and the next thing I knew I was in the post op area being attended to by a recovery nurse. I later came to realize that the whole process took around 25 minutes. At no time during the surgery or after did I feel any pain or discomfort. Dr. Johnson later told me that although I did not remember anything about the surgery I was responding to his questions and commands during the surgery. I was on my way home in less than an hour after the surgery. A detailed list of the eye drop regimen that was necessary for me to follow for the next several weeks was explained and a copy of those well written instructions placed in the leather bag.

It must be noted that immediately after the surgery. I could read without glasses. My wife, who has known me for over six decades, had never seen me read without glasses. My three sons have never seen me read without glasses and were absolutely amazed at what they were seeing. Later that evening, when we turned on the TV, the first thing I noticed was how rich the colors were.

I had a follow up visit with Dr. Johnson the next morning where he verified that the recover)" process was well under way. Further follow up visits were scheduled as he felt necessary. in fact, the recovery went so well that we shortened the drop regimen by one week.

Two weeks later surgery was performed on my left eye. I was awake during this surgery, responded to Dr. Johnson and remember seeing some fantastic colors. At no time was their any pain or discomfort. This process took 22 minutes.

My recovery process on both eyes is now completed although Dr. Johnson has scheduled a follow up visit four months hence. I must admit this has been an absolutely amazing experience. The advances that has been made in the medical field over the last half century has made it Possible for all of us to live enriched lives."


"To start out, this was a great experience!

I could not even see my hand in front of my face in my right eye. I was pretty sure I had a cataract. I heard a radio ad and looked up Dr. Phillips online and went in for a consultation. He has such a quiet air of confidence and competency. No question is too silly. I qualified for the multifocal lens. I had worn glasses to read for 10 years and could not see real far away on the freeway. I opted to not have twilight sleep. (The anesthesiologist was there just in case and he was the nicest man!) So I was awake the whole time. Let me say it was 100 times easier than going to the dentist for a simple filling replacement! (Which I had just had done.)

He numbs your eye and you look up into a bright light and you don't feel a thing. And then in like 10 minutes it's over!

When I came in the next day for my appointment my eye was still a little blurry but I could see. Within two hours after I got home I could see everything! Near & far! I could text without glasses. I could see the leafs on all the trees! I don't see rings around the lights at night, they just look a little bigger. There was never any pain or scratchy feeling in my eye. Dr. Phillips also corrected my astigmatism. I am highly recommending him!"


"I have been telling everyone about my wonderful experience I had at Inland Eye Specialists. Dr. Phillips performed cataract/lens implant surgery on both my eyes. I was amazed at how easy this surgery was and I'm telling others not to be fearful if they have been putting off this type of surgery. From start to finish, and through the entire healing process, I had NO pain whatsoever.

The first day after surgery I went outside to my patio. It had rained the night before and the morning sky was clear and bright blue. There were beautiful white, billowy clouds forming, and I could see for the first time in a long while, ALL the layers in the cloud formations. I cried when I saw the delicate silver linings detailing each cloud. I realized at that moment, that my vision had improved tremendously. I was so thankful to God and for the gift of sight He gave me through the confident hands of Dr. Phillips. Over the past several years I hadn't realized how dim, and dull my eyesight had become. Suddenly I could see distance with clarity, and brightness. I could see street sign names way before I entered an intersection! It was truly a miracle!

I couldn't believe how beautiful my home looked after my first left eye surgery. My walls were no longer dull or off color, they were white and bright. Colors were crisp and distinct. I could hardly wait to have the same operation in my right eye and scheduled my next surgery the very next day at my post-operative appointment.

Surgery in both eyes were done with such ease and comfort. The entire staff at Inland Eye Specialists are professional in their skills, care, and kindness. I told the doctor after my surgeries that I felt like I had a couple of days at the SPA!! You will be so glad, and confident, you made the decision to have your surgery at Inland Eye Specialists. The doctors and staff will make your experience a pleasant one!"


"Cataract surgery became necessary when my distance vision (beyond arm's length) noticeably deteriorated to the point where I couldn't even pass the DMV exam. Up to that point I only needed uncorrected reading glasses for close work (reading, PC, etc.) which worked fine for many years and was, and still is, perfectly acceptable.

My main objective was to correct my normal everyday distance vision to the best degree possible. Therefore I selected the 'monofocal lens' which I felt would be the best choice to guarantee that goal. As a former pilot, I've tried using progressive lenses for instrument flying and I did not care for them.

After surgery the sharpness and definition of focus is really exceptional. The ideal that this procedure is a 'lifetime fix' is really gratifying. One additional benefit is that with two new clear lenses everyday color is just amazing, without exaggeration everyday color is really something (landscape, paintings, HDTV, etc.) I never realized over the years how my overall vision quality has deteriorated until after completing this surgery, what a pronounced difference!

With everything there is always a downside, but I really can't come up with one. Dr. Phillips & staff did a fine job and I am very pleased with my results."


"My service was excellent through the entire process of my iLASIK procedure. Dr. Johnson was a true and caring professional and made the entire surgery. My expectations were more than met, I woke up the day after my procedure with 20/15 vision.

I felt liberated from my contacts (which have always been comfortable) and am excited to be able to live life with the ability to see clearly.


Donald "Deke"

"I am a man past eighty and I have been very fortunate to have had good vision or eye sight throughout my whole life. In my young life I was told that I shouldn't need glasses until I was forty years old. Well that mindset must have registered as I was forty when I had to use reading glasses to read my work documents and trade journals, etc. I didn't want to be taking glasses off and putting them on all the time so I started right out with bifocals.

As I passed seventy, my Mid-West eye doctor said I was starting to get cataracts and that I needed to have yearly exams to see how fast they were progressing. As time went by the cataracts seemed okay, so I wasn't much worried about them. I moved back to Southern California and sometime between seventy five and eighty the subject came up again and the comment was 'let's keep an eye on the advancement of those cataracts'. I still didn't think much about it until I started visiting Inland Eye Specialists, and Dr. Phillips said the cataracts had gotten to stage three and I should have something done before they get to stage four. I said okay, let's do what we have to do.

The appointment was established and I was properly counseled on the procedure. I was ready for this modern technology of eye surgery implants and felt very confident about Inland Eye Specialists and Dr. Phillips. I was properly prepared and waiting for my turn in the room of miracles. I was taken in and brought out so quickly that I didn't even realize that the procedure had been completed. By the next day I was seeing out of the new eye so well that I couldn't believe how bad my sight had gotten because of the cataracts.

Everything was so bright and beautiful. I couldn't wait for the other eye to be transformed. A few weeks later the second eye was implanted and now I wonder why I waited so long to have this marvelous procedure done. My vision is clear, bright, and I don't need glasses to read except for small print. I can even use my computer without glasses.

Thank you Inland Eye Specialists and Dr. Phillips for your eyesight miracles."


"I had cataract surgery at the Murrieta facility. Pre-surgery, post-surgery, and the surgery itself was handled efficiently, professionally, and with care and concern that put me at ease immediately. All my concerns were anticipated and dealt with before I could ask the question. I am and was very impressed.

My optometrist recommended this surgery when corrective lenses no longer allowed me to see. He also recommended Inland Eye Specialists.

At the first appointment the entire procedure was explained in detail, including the three different lenses and what could be expected from each one. After explaining to the doctor that I was a musician (guitar, piano, vocalist) and that I could no longer read my music, we both decided the toric lenses would be best for my eyes. I didn't care if reading glasses would still be necessary. I wanted to see, and I can!

Not only can I read my music and my Bible, but I can see the far mountains and all in-between. It's miraculous."


"I am unbelievably happy with the results of the cataract surgery performed by Dr. Phillips. I chose the multifocal lens to enable me to see clearly both near and far. Before the surgery, I had difficulty seeing even with my glasses. Now I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/30 in my right eye, and I can read and drive without glasses.

The office staff and nurses were very friendly and helpful. The instructions given to me before the surgeries were very thorough. In surgery, the nurses made me feel comfortable and relaxed. After the surgeries, I was sent home with detailed instructions and a chart that included a schedule of when eye drops needed to be applied which was very helpful.

A great big thank you to Dr. Phillips, the nurses and office staff especially Mikey and Marsha.


"We love to travel and I take lots of pictures which I get lots of complements for. Recently, I won an award in an art show for one of my photos. So I thought I saw well. My friends tell me how observant I am, that I see everything.

When I was told I needed cataract surgery I trusted my doctors and agreed, but I really didn't think it would make much of a difference. Well the surgery went well, the doctors, the staff, everyone was well trained, friendly and efficient. Later that afternoon, with the patch off, I stepped outside and I wanted to cry. The colors, the clarity -- WOW! It was amazing. GOD is Good, but so are my doctors.