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Inland OpticalWelcome to Inland Eye Specialists optical center! Our optical centers have been featured in national and international magazines for design, selection, and exemplary service. Board certified opticians will assist you with every step in creating your next pair of glasses. Whether your goal is the ultimate in a thin and lightweight pair, making a fashion statement, or working within your budget, we will see that we make it happen for you. With over a thousand frames to choose from, we are sure to find a style to meet each of your needs. 

You will not find our most of our products and warranties in Big-Box stores. Why? Simply put, our emphasis is Quality. Eyeglass lenses and frames are not all created equal. Quality lenses do more than simply provide you with your prescription. They enhance your vision at night, on your computer, and on your new TV. This type of quality requires the right type of lens technology. Quality frames do more than sit on your face. They are designed and built for comfort and to survive what your day throws at them.

At Inland Eye Specialists, we believe you deserve Quality. This is why you will find we are the only optical center in the region that can offer you an unrivaled 1-year warranty on all our frames and scratch coated lenses against breakage and scratches, even on our budget-conscious lines. We search the market for the best quality frame and lens materials available. As a result, you walk away with a product you cannot recreate at a discount optical center.

Our frame selection includes:

Calvin Klein, BCBG, Silhouette, Ted Baker, Nine West, Oakley, Maui Jim, and many others.

GlassesAlso available:

Kids frames, Ultra-light titanium frames, non-prescription sunglasses, recreational sport frames, free-form progressives (the latest in progressive lens technology), contact lenses for astigmatism and bifocal contact lenses.

Your satisfaction is important to us:

1-year manufacturer replacement warranty on frames or lenses against defective breakage and scratches from the original date of purchase.

2-month prescription change guarantee - Difficulty adapting to your new prescription? Just let us know of your difficulties within 2 months of ordering your glasses and there is no charge for a prescription recheck by your doctor and remaking the lenses.

Contact Lenses

At Inland Eye Specialists we pride ourselves on providing the best contact lens fitting and care available. Whether you are a new or long term contact lens wearer, we offer the latest and greatest in contact lens brands and technologies. We are committed to provide all of our patients with a thorough education in regard to any eye condition and all of the current treatments available. Our doctors not only prescribe lenses to suit our patients, they have also lectured on the topic of contact lenses to other health care providers both at the local and national level. Although we treat all conditions related to contact lenses, you’ll find some of our more common services listed below.

Myopia, Hyperopia, and Astigmatism

Myopia (near sightedness), hyperopia (far sightedness), and astigmatism are three of the most common visual conditions. We offer all brands of soft and rigid gas permeable contact lenses to suit your needs. If you’ve ever been told that you can’t wear contact lenses because your prescription is too high or because you have astigmatism, you’ll be able to find success at our office.


Near the age of 40 to 45 the majority of us will need to wear reading glasses. This discouraging visual change is called “presbyopia”. Over the past several years, contact lens companies have been perfecting lenses that allow you to see clearly at distance and near without the use of reading glasses. Whether you’ve just heard about this technology, or have tried it in the past, our doctors can find a lens that will accomplish your goals. We have helped hundreds of patients to achieve their goal of full time contact lens wear.


Do you want to be free of contact lenses and glasses during your day but don’t want to undergo surgery? Are you worried about your near sighted prescription worsening over time? Orthokeratology is a treatment in which contact lenses are worn over night while you sleep in order to shape the front surface of the eye, much the same way that a retainer is worn to shape teeth. When the lenses are removed, one is able to see clearly without the use of glasses. Studies have also shown that this treatment may reduce the progression of near sightedness in children. Contact our office and ask if this treatment is a good option for you.

Keratoconus and Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

Keratoconus and pellucid marginal degeneration (or PMCD) are conditions in which the cornea (or the clear front surface of the eye) begin to aggressively thin. This thinning causes the cornea to steepen into a cone-like shape resulting in blurry and distorted vision that can be very debilitating. In their early stages these conditions may be managed with the use of glasses or soft contact lenses. As the condition progresses, however, it necessitates the use of rigid gas permeable contact lenses in order to maintain clear vision. The fact that the cornea has steepened can make a contact lens fitting complicated. Our contact lens specialist has been trained extensively in the treatment of these conditions and has managed thousands of cases successfully. We provide fittings for all types of specialty lenses including rigid gas permeable contact lenses, large diameter lenses, reverse geometry lenses, Synergeyes (hybrid) lenses, and scleral contact lenses. If you are suffering from keratoconus or any other corneal condition, make an appointment with our specialist today.

Contact Lenses After Corneal Transplantation, LASIK, Radial Keratotomy, Intacs and Other Surgeries

Although the majority of surgical procedures on the eye are successful, there are some situations in which the use of a contact lens may be a necessity in order to see clearly. It is of the utmost importance that a practitioner experienced in this type of contact lens care be provided to prevent any further complications. With experienced practitioners on our team, we are proud to offer this service to our patients.

Infant and Pediatric Contact Lenses

In some rare cases, it is necessary to fit infants and very young children in contact lenses in order to ensure that their visual development will be successful. Some situations such as amblyopia (lazy eye), high prescriptions, children that are unable to wear glasses and infants born with cataracts can be improved significantly with the use of contact lenses. Our contact lens specialist has worked with numerous children and their parents in order to provide the best care possible. This is a rare service and we are excited to provide it at the Inland Eye Specialists.

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