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Ocular Prosthetics

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At Inland Eye Specialists we understand the joy and confidence that comes with feeling good about your appearance. Whether you are missing an eye, have a debilitating scar over the front of the eye, or are embarrassed about an eye turn, you have options to once again have a natural appearance. Dr. Brett Larson is one of the few doctors in the country specially trained to design and fit prosthetic eyes of all types and designs. Because of his training as an optometrist as well, Dr. Larson is dually able to care for the health of the eye socket or damaged eye to ensure that your health is maintained. In the majority of situations, these prosthetic devices are a medical necessity and as such can be covered by insurance. If you have any questions about whether or not a prosthetic eye of any type would be a suitable option for you, or if your current prosthetic needs to be replaced, call our office for a consultation. An explanation of the types of prosthetic devices currently available is shown below.

Painted Contact Lenses

In situations where an individual’s cornea is scarred or damaged, a soft contact lens can be hand painted to match a healthy eye. These contact lenses are applied and removed from the eye in the same fashion as a regular soft contact lens. It is possible to design these lenses to completely cover an eye or, in cases where the damaged eye still has sight, it can have a clear center containing a prescription. Painted soft contact lenses are utilized frequently to reduce light sensitivity for those patients with pupil damage.

Shell Prosthetic Eyes

An eye that is damaged but has not been removed may necessitate the use of shell prosthesis. These medical devices are hand painted and fashioned from thin acrylic plastic and are designed to cover the front surface of the eye. Shell prosthetic eyes are a wonderful solution for patients with shrunken eyes, malformed or damaged eyes, or for those individuals with an eye turn in which surgical intervention is not an option. The use of these shells also helps to maintain the shape of the eye socket in the case of a shrinking eye. In order to maintain adequate eye health, this type of device should be replaced every five or six years. Dr. Larson custom designs these shells in order to create the most natural appearance possible and provide the patient with maximum comfort.

Shell Prosthetic Eyes Shell Prosthetic Eyes

Full Reform Eyes

In cases where an eye has been surgically removed or is not present, a full reform eye is indicated. Typically this type of prosthesis is fit one to two months after a surgery has been performed and needs to be replaced every five to six years. A full reform eye is hand painted and formed from acrylic plastic that is molded to fit the exact contours of an eye socket. The use of a reform prosthetic eye is a medical necessity after an eye has been removed in order to maintain the shape of the eye socket. As is the case with the shell prosthetic eyes, Dr. Larson custom designs these full reform eyes for the highest level of comfort and cosmesis.

Full Reform Eyes Full Reform Eyes