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Reading Vision / KAMRA

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What is the KAMRA® Inlay? 

As we age, it is not uncommon to experience a decline in vision - especially near vision. This is caused by a condition called presbyopia, an age-related refractive error that begins in a person’s 40s and 50s. With presbyopia, the eye’s lenses lose elasticity and thus become unable to focus properly. The KAMRA® corneal inlay treatment is a tiny implant placed in the cornea to restore near vision and free you from dependency on glasses.

This treatment option is ideal for active individuals who are looking to get rid of reading glasses or contact lenses for everyday activities. By providing a natural range of vision – near to far – without blurry zones, KAMRA® offers a long-term solution that will help you enjoy clear vision glasses-free for years to come.

How the KAMRA® Inlay Works

The KAMRA® inlay is set in the first layers of the eye, known as the cornea. The inlay is a tiny ring, smaller and thinner than a contact lens with a pinhole opening in the center, which allows only focused light to enter your eye. The KAMRA® inlay is placed in only one of your eyes, while leaving the other eye completely untouched. This allows you to see up close while still maintaining your distance vision in both eyes. Working together, the eyes allow you to see a full range of vision.

What to Expect

The KAMRA® Procedure

The KAMRA® inlay procedure will typically take no more than 20 minutes from start to finish. Numbing drops are used to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Your surgeon will use a precise laser to create an incision in the first few layers of the cornea, through which the inlay will be inserted. Once the incision is created, your surgeon will carefully position the KAMRA® inlay over the pupil. The incision in the cornea is self-healing, requiring no stitches.

You will not be able to drive home following the procedure so it is necessary to make arrangements beforehand. Please refrain from driving until you are cleared by your doctor.

The Recovery Process

As with any eye surgery healing is a process, though recovery after the KAMRA® inlay procedure is quite easy, requiring very little downtime. It is important to remember that near vision improvement varies by individual. Most patients resume normal activities and return to work within 24-48 hours.

Be sure to avoid using your reading glasses during your recovery. Please note it is normal to experience some fluctuations in your vision in the first three to six months after KAMRA® surgery - this is typically a sign of your brain adapting to the new vision. It is important to attend your scheduled follow-up appointments to ensure the healing process is going smoothly.

If you are tired of reaching for your reading glasses, call Inland Eye Specialists today! Our team of experts including Dr. Johnson and Dr. Phillips are here to guide you every step of the way.

For Important Safety Information, including surgical risks, indications, and considerations and contraindications for use, please refer to safety.